Friday, February 3, 2012


since picnik is closing on april 19th (sadface) ive been taking advantage of the premium features they offer now to everyone (go check them out, i did miraculous works). these are my senior pictures my dad did for me (aka i did not take these pictures!!!) and i edited them all-i had edited them before, but now they are "re-edited" with the picnik premium features. im really ahppy how they turned out this time-no forehead wrinkles (i have a very expressionistic forehead...its bad).

my favorite of the summer shoot

everyone says i look like taylor swift here...

one of my favorites from the fall shoot

the favorite from the fall shoot

i love these wall ones too (also fall shoot)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

photo challenge.

here is every single day of the photo challenge...all 30.
1. portrait

2. what i wore today

3. clouds

4. something green

5. from a high angle

6. from a low angle

7. fruit

8. a bad habbit (licking my lips)

9. someone you love (daddy)

10. childhood memory

11. something blue

12. sunset

13. me with 13 things

14. eyes

15. a silhouette

16. long exposure

17. technology

18. my shoes

19. something orange

20. bokeh

21. faceless self portrait

22. hands

23. sunflare

24. an animal

25. something pink

26.  close-up

27. long-distance

28. flowers

29. black and white (my favorite picture of them all)

30. self portrait

ill be posting my retouched pictures soon.
i also have three senior picture sessions to do soon, im excited!